Warren Buffett Has A Movie

Warren Buffett has had his life chronicled in an HBO movie. Buffett is an 86-year-old investor living in Omaha, Nebraska where he was born and has lived ever since. He states that the thing that led him to be an investor was that he has loved numbers ever since he was a small child. Buffett states that long as he can remember he has loved working with anything related to numbers.

The movie surrounds Buffett’s life in finance, focusing on the founding of his company Berkshire Hathaway back in 1965. It also touches on how he worked on Wall Street yet spent much of his life far from Wall Street in his native Omaha. When asked why he never livedon Wall Street Buffet simply stated that Omaha is where his family is and it makes him happy to be there close to those he loves. He stated that he is a fairly simple man and doesn’t need a ton of money and fancy things to make him happy, but rather is happy just spending time with his family and living in the modest home he bought for $30,000-something back in 1958.

Buffett’s interviews in the movie include not only himself but his sisters, his 3 children, and other family members and friends who know him well. Longtime fans may not learn a lot that is new as Buffett remains in “retirement” allowing other people to run Berkshire Hathaway and manage his wealth, however, those who do not know a lot of Buffett will learn about investing and how to get their money to work harder for them. Trying what Buffett tried is a surefire plan for success. After all, Buffett made $60 billion or more doing this, surely you can save enough for retirement and to have a little bit of extra spending money if you invest wisely and in the proper entities to help you make the most of your money.

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