Warren Buffett Has A Great Life Ahead And A Wonderful Mindset

Warren Buffett is an interesting business owner that created his own salary. By the time he was out of college, he had thousands of dollars saved up in the bank. It amazes people to see the Warren Buffett slideshare on the Internet. There, it shows that Warren Buffett only pays himself a $100,000, but he has a net worth of billions.

Warren Buffett started getting into buying stocks around 10 years old. By the time he was 11, he purchased his first stock. He wanted to see how much interest he could save up as he continued to go to school and collect interest on his stock. That stock made him hundreds of dollars that he used to buy more stock. With that interest accrued, Warren Buffett made his first transaction into the textile business. He purchased stocks in that industry and later on, he claimed the stocks over the Dairy Queen but ended up owning the franchise.

Warren Buffett still owns the first house he ever purchased. It is located in Omaha, Nebraska and still is very valuable to the Buffett family. He loves to take his grandchildren riding on bicycles around the neighborhood. He tries his best to continue to stay in shape and keep his grandchildren in shape as well.

Buffett loves to read quotes to motivate him and even stops to including one of his favorite games Sudoku. There are many chances for you to upload interviews from YouTube to use as motivation while you are venturing in business.

Warren Buffett teaches about the importance of legally setting up everything that you own to make sure that you get the credit for all of your work. Warren Buffett loves to show his slides to all who are wanting to attend business school. It lets you have a sneak peak into what all he had to learn in order to be where he is in business.

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