Warren Buffett Grandson

Howard Warren Buffett is the grandson of a billionaire investor Warren Buffet. He was born on 14th October of the year 1983 at Omaha, Nebraska, United States. Buffett’s grandson is an American public affair professor, vocal political advisor and a philanthropist like his grandfather. He started his career journey adhering to Buffett’s footsteps as a way of honor to his grandfather’s achievement. At 34 of age, he runs an agricultural farm in Nebraska and also a professor at Columbia School of International and Public Affair.

Howard Warren became the executive director of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, named after his father. The philanthropic foundation aimed at funding initiatives to improve the living standards and quality of life for the needy and marginalize communities. During the reign of President Obama, he served as the policy advisor in the executive office.
He started his education life by attending Ponca Elementary School and later went to Mt. Zion High School at Decatur, Illinois. He studied political science and communication at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and completed in the year 2006. At the college, he served as vice chairperson of student body council.

Howard furthers his studies by pursuing a master degree in public administration in advance management and finance at International School of Public Affairs, Columbia University. Buffett’s grandson is married to Lili Thomas.

H.W. Buffett served as a special assistant after his appointment in the office of the secretary at United States Department of Agriculture. He performed exceptionally in the department managing national expansion for Cooperative extensive service program. Furthermore, he identified external partnerships intended to enhance the research mission, areas of economics and education.

He later joined the Task Force for Business Stability Operations in the Defense Department of U.S as a director of Agriculture development. His reputation is known as He works to accomplished core values started by his grandfather Warren Buffett.

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