Warren Buffett Granddaughter

Nicole Buffett is Mr. Warren Buffett adopted granddaughter. Nicole mother was a singer and songwriter and her father Peter is a composer for commercials and films. He later adopted Nicole and her twin sister. She is a 32 year old woman who wear her hair with dreadlocks. She is an artist who stays in San Francisco, California and specialized in abstract landscapes. She is a strong, creative, and unhappy woman who lives in a well-known family.

Warren Buffett granddaughter cannot afford cable and health insurance on a $40,000 yearly art career. She is a strong woman who is in the public to hear some people think that nobody should be sorry for her. Even though she is adopted in a rich family. She did not know that her grandfather was a billionaire until she was seventeen years old. She would visit her grandfather in Omaha many times when she was growing up.

Nicole Buffett is creative as an artist. Her grandfather Warren Buffett spent $100,000 dollars on her art education but not on non-school expenses. She did an documentary by another American writer about being rich or poor. Nicole grandfather saw the documentary and dislike how it was filmed and disowned her. Peter Buffett renounce his adopted daughter and she still continues to live on a art salary.

Warren Buffett granddaughter is unhappy about how the turn out of being disowned by her family. She lives off a $400 month check for 15 years and $183 month for health insurance for a year. Nicole is wondering why she is the billionaire’s black sheep of the family.

As Nicole is suffering about being disowned in the Buffett family she can be strong, creative, and unhappy at the same time. Young women who loves art can express their feelings to let go of some angry. Nicole is a bright girl and can try to be a better person inside.

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