Warren Buffett: Giving Back Madness

Are you an employee of Dairy Queen in Geico or any of the other subsidiaries of the company Berkshire Hathaway will you might be eligible to win $1000000 per year for life yes you’re reading it right. Being that Warren Buffett is now offering and has been for several years the chance to win $1000000 for life every year if you can yes the bracket of the NCAA March Madness Tournament return to the final four which no one can for sure guess because of unforeseen circumstances every second the tournament takes a turn people could be injured as well as benched for the actions in the game.

Predicting the final four it’s like finding a needle in the haystack Warren Buffett says if anybody can make it past the sweet 16 bracket of the tournament you were providing them a million dollars every year for life this is how hard it is to win this competition with millions of employees all over the world in each and every subsidiary fighting for this chance likely no one will win because of the one in a million chance is to guess all way to the Sweet 16 or even the harder option the Final Four, but good news if you are an employee you’re eligible to win $100,000 just by doing your job no need to participate in the March Madness Tournament every employee of Berkshire Hathaway or any of $100,000. This is just another example of Warren Buffett’s generous giving he knows that if he puts people first that they will ensure his business so it’s great this is the stairs he has had for a long time being that Warren Buffett has had a career spanning over 50 years and total he is acquiring knowledge and Skills that many young investors do not have in today’s economy.

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