Warren Buffett Giving Away 1 Billion

Warren Buffet is considered to be one of the top investors in American history. He is also considered to be one of the biggest philanthropists in the world. The only person giving more money to charity is Bill Gates. With that level of resources, there is a lot that they can do for society. Though, he thinks the best thing is to let people spend their money in a way that will make the country strong. Perhaps, that is the best option that would help the most amount of people. More often than not, that’s what we should do. There are many ways that we can help others.

What Warren Buffet cares about more than others is healthcare. Healthcare will make sure that people get to reach their goals in the set amount of time that they got to reach everything. They get to make sure that people get the proper medication to take care of their problems. There are aliments like HIV / AIDS that currently do not have pure cures as of right now. The most that you can do is get treatment to limit the process of getting that virus. There are also a lot of other things like cancer research that people can donate to.

Medicare and taking care of others is a very expensive thing to do. It takes a lot of talent and patience to make sure that society is going to be outfitted for the future. You as a person, have a responsibility to make sure that you have healthcare. You have to think about everything that is being done to make sure that you have the proper healthcare. Some companies do offer support, as it is the law in America. But only you know what has to be done to make sure that you are healthy.

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