Warren Buffett Fraternity

Warren Buffett has been very successful from a young age starting to think about business when he was only 7 years old to where he is now as one of the richest men in the world. To help get to where Buffett wanted to be he decided to go to University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School where he didn’t just take classes but joined a fraternity which he is still known for today. It’s interesting to see what fraternity this actually was and how he is still supported by them to this day.

As a young student Buffett decided to join the fraternity known as Alpha Sigma Phi during his stint at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School before eventually transferring to the University of Nebraska. Alpha Sigma Phi also is known as Alpha Sig has 161 different groups around different universities with their goals known by their mission statement to be “silence purity charity honor and patriotism”. The fraternity has been important both ways to the organization and Buffett himself as they have both have acknowledged each other through the years such as the event of Buffett creating his Twitter account in 2013 where Alpha Sigma Phi greeted him onto the platform

Despite the fraternity of Alpha Sigma Phi starting in the late 1800’s and Warren Buffett finish college with a Masters in Science in 1951 the fraternity is still relevant to this day to not only him but successful students in Alpha Sigma Phi today future success and even more alumni of the past.

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