Warren Buffett: Family and Money

The billionaire philanthropist Warren Buffett sits as a chairman of the company Berkshire Hathaway if you’ve never directly heard of Berkshire Hathaway that is because they are somewhat of a behind-the-scenes company investing in some of the hottest companies that are sweeping the streets today such as Dairy Queen and actually their own Energy Services they have spent funds all over the place to different business ventures ensuring that they gave money from each and every outlet. Not only generating millions and revenue also giving Millions donating some charity such as Girls Incorporated and multiple charities in the Omaha Nebraska area as well as the world Warren Buffett has single-handedly started a revolution in the world from voting to Everyday living Warren Buffett seems to have his hand in a little bit of everything donates things like public education and scholarship funds and also the Democratic voting party he not only sways the opinion of people on the actual streets he sways the opinion of the entire nation in regards to a presidential election.

Warren Buffett has dealt with anything you can think of over the course of his career Berkshire Hathaway not only employees Millions of employees throughout the nation it also provides services are second to none insurance and electricity gain the company a reputable base of everyday necessities but their other services such as Orange Julius it’s just for fun no one really knows what inspires Warren Buffett to invest how he does one thing is for sure his Investments have grown his career to the next level making him a billion there in a third richest man in the world his children are also following along in the Buffett footsteps opening their own charitable foundations and pursuing careers in philanthropy if their father did and it still does to this day.

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