Warren Buffett Energy Investments

Energy is something that is so special to people. We all have certain types of energy that can be used for the future. There are two types of energy. Kinetic energy and there is there is the counter to that which is potential energy. Both of them are very different but have very important functions. Kinetic energy allows energy to be used instantly. An example of this would be you running a mile with no breaks. Then potential energy is made so that you can store energy in an object. A prime example of this would be squatting down, or holding a ball in a slingshot. There is something so unique about the both of them.

At the same time, you have energy resources that you use. The most common ones that we are guilty of are fossil fuels. Fossil fuels, in the beginning, had so much potential. We could use coal to make trains and allow hard workers to get back from all that they did over the past day. Though as time goes on, this solution becomes the conflict. We find more and more evidence that makes this technique obsolete. Not only because we are lacking the resources to provide for people, but at the same time, this is depleting at a rapid rate.

It would be very much in Warren Buffet’s character to invest in Solar and wind energy. These resources are completely natural. It is going to take a lot for the sun to stop giving us energy, while keeping the earth from spinning. There is much evidence to show that this is the best kind of energy. We as people need to create programs that are going allow people of lower income to use these resources. Such a thing should be a welcome to the new age.

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