Warren Buffett Email Address

Warren Buffet self-made billionaire is famous for not only his success as an investor but also as a philanthropist. You may want to contact him about a proposal for an investment, requesting a donation or for any other reason, your options are very limited.

There are really only two ways to contact him, traditional mail or email. The only email address for Warren Buffet is the one at Berkshire Hathaway as he does not have a personal email address. He also does not check the Berkshire Hathaway on a regular basis.

The e-mail address for Berkshire Hathaway is [email protected] There is a slight chance that your e-mail will reach him. The website states that this e-mail address should only be used for inquiries or comments. It also has a disclaimer that it is unable to respond directly to your e-mail. So it is better to send him a letter if at all possible.

In the subject line of your e-mail be sure to address Warren Buffet. He will not personally open the e-mail but this will let his staff know that this e-mail if for Warren.

You should also know what to write. The only thing that you might get a reply to is an investment proposal. Read Berkshire Hathaway’s letter to shareholders before writing your proposal. This letter has all of the criteria necessary for an investment proposal as it was written by Buffet.

The following information is necessary for your proposal;

1. The company must have shown consistent earning power,
2. It must be a large purchase,
3. The company should be simple,
4. Management should already be in place,
5. The company should show good returns on equity,
6. The company should have little or no debt and.
7. The proposal must contain an offer price.

You should also understand that your e-mail may not reach Buffet. It will reach one of his staff who will then make the decision on whether or not to pass it on to Buffet.

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