Warren Buffett Electric Car

Warren Buffett has once again made it out for the big ideas out in the world. Being one of the major investors out there that understands how the world works when it comes to money. While owning over 60 companies is something that most people don’t do in their life Warren Buffett has done just that.

Working with the Chinese people he has once again become something big. They together are creating something much better for the world than the American people have and that is the electric car. This is because a car that runs off of electricity is better than those who work off of gas and oil making this car the best option out there in the world right now. China has made the plans to have these cars out for sale in the year 2025 which will make the demand for them higher than ever. This works on the best interest for China and the united states.

Working with Warren Buffett as one of the main investors in the project the climb started at 55% which has made it where there has been a rise by 3% for the past few months that the idea has been out there. This all started when China had come out with the idea to ban cars that ran off of gas making it where the car is running off of nothing but electricity which in the end is better for the world.

When this came out there is the word to the company in China that made the product go up by 40% at the same time these plans were announced. When this idea was created China had the idea to make something that is better for the world rather than kill the world with the gas that we as humans are using.

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