Warren Buffett Educational Background

When Warren Buffett was a young boy, he was too much involved in the business field that he even lost his interest in the education. The reason for this is because at his early age of 11 years he had started doing business as a paperboy. His father made an excellent observation and realized this. It is out of this that he pushed Buffett and encourage him to fast concentrate on education and later he will go back to the business sector.

Buffet went to a nearby school where he was enrolled to a degree on matters to do with the business. After a short period, he moved to the more significant University of Nebraska at this time he was about 19 years old. Here he took keen on his academics and decided to do Bachelor of Science and business administration.

With time he started to develop a passion for education and decide to try his luck by applying to study at Harvard University. Though his request was turned down, he didn’t give up instead he got a chance to get into Columbia University. Is at this school where he met some of the great investor and talented people who would later become his mentor on the field to do with business.

In the year 1951, he graduated from the same institution this time with the Master of Science in economics. After a certain period, Buffet attended institution known as the New York at the school of finance and did his master on investment at this institution.

From all these colleges he had attended he was now ready to enter into the business sector because he had got the experience and useful skills that could enable him to run a business at any point in the world. He was lucky enough to get his first job at one of the companies where he was a salesman.

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