Warren Buffett Eating

America has a lot of problems when it comes to the average citizen getting their diet in check. It is quite often said that the highest killer in the country comes from heart disease and other diet-related ailments. On one hand, you can’t blame people for eating these kinds of foods. They want to eat the food that is tasty and isn’t very expensive. Though, those foods are often the ones most available. Eating healthier means spending more money on food that usually won’t taste as good for most people. Having a good feeling is more important than what you eat.

Unless some serious programs get passed that will make it easier for poorer people to spend money on food. You are likely to see the same results on your receipt. In a country that is much healthier like Japan, healthy food is very cheap. It is very easy for the average person to go to 7-eleven and make sure that they get what they need. There is a lot that we have to work towards so that everyone can be healthy. Unlike the tooth fairy or Santa Claus, health in America is something that is realistically achievable.

Regardless of where we go in our life, we will probably not ever have the diet of Warren Buffet. He has a diet that few people in the world could sustain. Most people would have a tremendous increase in cholesterol, as well as gain a ton of fat. At the same time, he has a way, where he can eat fast food almost every day. There are times where he will eat a fancy restaurant, but that is quite rare in his life. There is so much to be proud of when it comes to healthy diet. Though, people can choose what they want.

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