Warren Buffett: Early Life

Warren Buffett’s early life is one of the most interesting stories told of a successful man who continues to rise to fame and riches. He was born on August 30, 1930, and is known as the ‘Oracle of Omaha’. He was not only the second child of Mr. Howard and Mrs. Leila Buffett but also their only son. His birthplace is in the United States at a place called Omaha in Nebraska. His keen interest in business began at a tender age and worked relentlessly to achieve his dreams.

Mr. Warren Buffett is a very successful businessman. His success is based on his investment-loving nature that began approximately 62 years ago when he founded Buffett Partnership. He started the company in Omaha where he was born. He took time to learn a lot of techniques and concepts from the renown Billy Graham.

Mr. Warren Buffett was an entrepreneur at 13 years, a paperboy in his own business. While in Wilson High, he started a pinball machine that gained him tremendous profits. He later sold the business in a great deal making him some good money.

Warren Buffett attended Pennsylvania University for two years and began his degree in business which he later completed Nebraska University. He finished college when he was 20 years. His hard work had enabled him to save approximately $10,000 originating from the businesses he began in his childhood. He was awarded an economics master’s degree in 1951 from Columbia University. To crown his academics he went to Institute of Finance in New York.

He was smart and he could add large sums in his head at a very young age. Alongside the knowledge he had accumulated from his reading habit, he took interest in buying shares and investing in companies. This way,he took over Berkshire Hathaway. This company became the foundation of his successful financial story. Warren Buffett early life has been a great contribution to his many achievements so far.

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