Warren Buffett Donation

Warren Buffett has been the biggest donator into charities than anyone else in history. Honoring a vow to his wife that has to lead him to donate the majority of his life earnings to charitable organizations to help those in need.

In business Warren Buffett is chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. An investment company that deals with over 70 companies that he holds shares that have grown Warren Buffett a substantial income over 85 billion. Warren finds a love in investing and has found himself using a mental scorecard and being very competitive in the world of stockholder investments and business.

Despite his love of numbers and growing his investments he has had a huge impact on charitable sources. With his late wife being and a big influence on him for giving back to those in need. She instilled in him that in life those who have should give back to those who don’t. The less fortunate should be helped if you’re capable of financially.

After his wife passed away he drew a new mission in life by giving to foundations that impacted the good of people and the world. Donating most of his lifetime income and only keeping 1% of it he has decided to give those proceeds to the Bill and Melinda Foundation and to his three children’s foundation’s as well. Stating that there’s no need for him to keep a hold of such a large substantial amount of money when there are others that need it in the world.

With such an influential legacy Warren Buffett has laid the foundation not only in being a great investor but as being a great human being. Giving to others the bulk of his financial gains over the years because he believes in philanthropy giving and human rights.

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