Warren Buffett Donation Email.

Warren Buffet has worked his whole life and takes pride in the work that he has done for those that have been less fortunate. Working hard is something that Warren knows had to happen to get where he wanted to be.

Warren Buffett owns over 60 different companies out there and takes pride in the way the companies work. But there is something that he takes even more pride in. Warren has been giving his money to those that are less fortunate and tells his friends to do the same. Having the heart to donate money is something that most don’t understand but he does.

Warren Buffett has given over 6 million dollars to the charities that need to have the help out there which is something that most people have to have the heart to do. He inspires others to do the same all while working on the companies that he owns around the world. This is all something that those people who have money do when there are people’s lives at risk. When there are people out there who need help and there is people who can help then what better than to donate to the charities?

Warren Buffett worked hard and is still working hard to make sure that 99% of the income that he makes goes right into the pockets of those who are the less fortunate which really helps improve their lives for the better but he also makes sure that his friends understand the help that they are doing when they donate. When he tells them about the things that he has done and the ways that he improves these people’s lives it takes a toll on the way that it makes those who don’t have an issue with money wonder how they could help them as well.

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