Warren Buffett Donates to Charity

Charity is something that everyone of everyone can appreciate. While you go to sleep, there are people suffering and there is something that you can do. There is something that people can appreciate regardless of the effort that you give. Sometimes, it’s tipping someone that is in need. There is something that you can do, even when you think you can’t. Sometimes, it’s making a poster for someone that will appreciate it. You can make sandwiches or small lunches that will feed people for awhile. The best thing that you could get someone that’s unemployed is a job.

Just like people, charities work in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Warren Buffet plans to give his money to big organizations that are about helping society in the long term. He is the second biggest philanthropist only to Bill Gates. Warren Buffets intends on giving 30 billion dollars away when he dies. What he cares about are poverty, healthcare and AIDS prevention. These are big problems in the world, and regardless of how much donation money goes into projects. There are so many different things that we can do to improve our society. It’s nice to see that billionaires are responsible and putting their money back into the society that made them wealthy.

Getting someone a job is a great thing to do because you’re allowing them to create a foundation. That is something that will allow them to eat consistently and maybe even get a place to live. There is something so special about seeing someone transform from being homeless to getting their own job. Some people are born to fail and can’t get jobs. But people always have to try if they want to see a future.

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