Warren Buffett Doesn’t Believe In Email Or Text Messages.

Warren Buffett is one of the most famous investors who has ever been on the stock market, and he specializes in value investing. One of the most amazing facts about Warren Buffett is the fact that he is so well known for being frugal with his money, so much so he only owns one car and still uses his same Nokia flip phone. Warren Buffett recently did an interview with Snopes and discussed many of his topics, but one of the most telling was what he said about internal email at Berkshire Hathaway.

The billion dollar company which is the force behind many extremely well-known companies doesn’t actually use internal email at all. In fact, Warren told Snopes that he doesn’t believe in using email at all, and he said that he also abstains from using text messages as well. This just goes to show that even as one of the worlds richest men, Warren Buffett still believes in the value of one-on-one communication. Warren Buffett is an amazing investor and maybe one of his secrets is the fact that he is not consumed with a smart phone. It has been said that Warren Buffett still spends a good %80 of his day reading, and that has also contributed to his stellar mental health.

Warren Buffett is an amazing investor and his people first philosophy goes to show in everything that he does. Stock investing has not taken Warren Buffett over so much that he cannot value actual human interaction. Warren Buffett is a stellar stock investor, with the ability to make stellar investment choices even without the need of an email box. Warren has a high level of communication with his team, and many people in business could stand to learn from Warren and his approach to communication.

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