Warren Buffett Documentary

The Warren Buffett documentary is a compilation of the many memories and the legacy that his life has held. It shows his early years as a young entrepreneur growing him into a seasoned investor that has skills that are undeniably a gift of wonder.

As a young child, he found himself attracted to the way numbers look and how he could manipulate numbers to grow. He had a gift of remembrance and would remember numbers at a capacity that even adults couldn’t. It showed that he got his love and talent of numbers from his mother who had a gift of being able to calculate numbers in her head faster than a calculator.

Warren Buffett also had many years early on in his business where he would employ many of his friends and family members. Keeping the same people around him that understood his mission and where his businesses should go. Taking a major stake in the fledgling company Berkshire Hathaway. He became one of the biggest investors and would later become the chairman of the organization. With an employee team of only 25 people that run the company in Omaha, Nebraska today.

This well rounded enlighted businessman also showed his personal side that many might not know about him. He enjoys his solidarity in having quietness and being alone. Finding a joy in reading. He delights in five or six hours a day of learning what’s going on in the world with newspapers and books.

The Warren Buffett documentary helps many understand have the mind of this billionaire works and is capable of defining his life on his own terms. It gives great insight on who he is as a person and how he thinks about life and the world of investments and business.

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