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Meet Warren Buffett
Everybody probably knows who Warren Buffett is today. If not they do now after his documentary special with the cable media channel HBO that was broadcast last year. If not, we’ll take a brief look at what we learned about Buffett in his infamous HBO documentary last year.

The Stock Market Daily Numbers Determine His Breakfast Choices
Every workday on the way to work Warren Buffett goes through the Mc Donalds drive-thru to buy his breakfast. If the stock market has risen from the day before Buffett treats himself to a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. If the market numbers have fallen down from the previous day he buys a Saugage Mc Muffin with egg and cheese. If the market has taken an unusual drop in numbers he buys two sausage patties. Based on prices at McDonald’s last year on a really good day, Buffett spends $3.17 and if it is a really bad day he only spends $2.61.

Warren Buffett Will Give Over Half Of His Wealth Away Before He Dies
After Warren Buffett wife died of a stroke in 2004 Buffett changed the way he intended to distribute his wealth. After his wife’s death Buffett gave a $30 billion dollar donation to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Later in 2010 Warren Buffett Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg all signed a pledge to a minimum of half their wealth to charity.

Warren Buffett and His Feelings on Female Equality
Warren Buffett even though he is of the generation that did look to improve female equality does not hold typical views for a man of his age. He states in the HBO special that he feels the country would be more successful if it was run by more women.

Warren Buffett is an astounding entrepreneur of making investments that currently has made him the second most wealthiest person in the United States. He is CEO of Brookshire Hathaway a firm he gained control over from stock purhases he made in he mid sixiies.

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