Warren Buffett Divorce

Warren Buffett and his wife Susie had an unconventional marriage that worked for them. Not having to conform to the realities of society but to each other. Warren Buffett and Susie never divorced but lived separate lives together and with great love and admiration.

In 1977, Susie Buffett felt the need for her as a citizen to become more involved in the civil and human injustices that were happening around the country because it was causing much strife in American citizens lives. She chose to uproot herself from their Omaha, Nebraska home and move to San Francisco to live her truth in her own philosophy. She had one of her friends to come in and help care for Buffett.

Her friend Astrid became a little more than a friend to Warren Buffett over the years and it grew into a romantic relationship. Not only did the romance grow but he and Susie continued their marriage. They were seen in public as married and he continued all the way up until her death in the early 2000s. In 2006 he and Astrid married in his daughters Omaha home.

Warren Buffett never divorced his wife Susie, they continued with an understanding that was a love that the two of them had in accordance with. The three of them shared many great times and a great friendship that spanned up until Susie’s death. The bond between Susie and Warren never was broken and a respect that others might not have understood, that kept them in the best place with each other in their hearts.

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