Warren Buffett Democrat or Republican ?

Early on in his life Warren Buffet saw some things that changed the way he thought about politics. Even though he grew up as a Republican he started to see his views change. Many have wondered if Warren Buffet is a Democrat or Republican. Well, his views have changed since he was a youth.

Warren Buffett was very much affected by what was going on in the Civil Rights Movement and Women’s Right Movement. After the death of his father, he changed a lot of his views about his political affiliation of being a Republican. He saw things in a new light and wanted to help some of the changes in the world. He saw the injustices of those involved in the Civil Right movement and felt the need to get involved. Seeing that his wife was involved in the efforts with her foundation, he began funding most of the cause.

With women’s rights he saw that women were treated like the “New Slaves” of the world, saying that the culture that women were in, they were treated as lesser human beings, which he felt was not true. He and his wife took many strides in improving women’s rights with Susie being involved in her foundation efforts and Warren backing her efforts with monetary finances.

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