Warren Buffett Degree

In Warren Buffett’s early childhood years, he had no intentions of going to college at any point. At 13, Buffett was already making enough to support himself by running a personal paper route, but at the urging of his father, Buffett did end up applying to attend the University of Pennsylvania for a business degree. When Buffett was 16, he enrolled himself in Wharton School where he began studying for a Bachelor of Science in business administration. He attended Wharton for only 2 years before transferring to the University of Nebraska and finishing out his degree program by the age of 19 years old. Buffett wanted to continue growing his knowledge for business, so he applied to Harvard, but was rejected, which did not stop his drive for a higher education.

Warren Buffett put some time into researching his next moves and where he wanted to attend business school. After learning that Benjamin Graham, a huge name in the investment game of that time, was a lecturer at Columbia University, Buffett decided that he would begin furthering his education there. Buffett graduated with a Master of Science in economics in 1951. But, two master’s degrees were simply not enough to satisfy the business mogul. Buffett went on to attend the New York Institute of Finance, but only briefly. Although Buffett has attended many globally recognized schools, he credits his knack for understanding business as one of his biggest accomplishments. Although the schooling did help, without the interest for business and investing, Buffett would not have come to be the successful businessman he is today.

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