Warren Buffett Daughter

Susan Alice Buffett is a daughter of Warren Buffett born in the year 1953, July 30 in Omaha, Nebraska USA. She grew up in the wealthy family owning millions of dollars where her father was an investor, philanthropist and businessman. She loved and respected her parents at the time they lived together before sharing a knot with her husband Allen Greenberg later in the year 1983.

Susan just like her father also became a philanthropist who dedicated her work of generosity and effort to the low-income families on Sherwood foundation. The organization located at Omaha concentrates on giving grants to public education, promoting social justice and human services for the sake of less fortunate. Her focus was not only on children and challenges experienced by lower-income families but also engaged herself in improving the welfare of NGOs, HIV and AIDS, African people and Trading.

Susan’s’ parents separated later in the year 1978 as a result of a misunderstanding. Warren Buffett had no choice but to solve the agitating issues between them, where they remarried and stay together until the year 2004 when his wife Susan Thompson died. Her death was subjected to prolonged illness after suffering from Oran cancer which led to several unsuccessful surgeries.

Alice served as a devoted woman in her charity work. She is well known for her reputation in the United States. Being the chairperson of Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, Her organization helps in the alleviation of poverty. The Organization is considered the biggest and the most performing all over the country.

The history of Susan Alice will not Only be remembered from incredible work she put to uplift the lives of the needy but also teaches lessons on humanity to the living and future generations. If people will learn to care, love and protect lives, it will be the start of success and development.

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