Warren Buffett Congress Email

Warren Buffett is a business man that recently did an interview talking about the issues that Congress or having to deal with in America. Buffett feels that in order to move the decimals of the debt that is held over America, businesses may need to combine to get rid of some of the debt. The combination of the effort of reducing debt will create a better look for America.

Warren Buffett feels like Congress should not worry about his business moving overseas. The reason for Buffett wanting to keep his business in America is because of helping the land build up. In turn, this helps more jobs become available for people. Those who are working can return to paying off debt that they owe. The most important factor in helping to combine the right businesses together is because of the production numbers going down. Basically, you won’t have to worry about goods and services not be able to be available for you.

Warren Buffett is proud to stay out of the lime light when it comes to outsourcing his company. The fact that Congress worries about what he will do with his riches bothers Buffett. In a different aspect, it seems to make Buffett feel like Congress expects him to fork over all they he has earned.

Congress knows how America has suffered because of credit cards. It is not a priority to him to take what he has earned to pay off everything that they have accumulated. Buffett was caught feeling like he should start investing in pawn shops to get his money money. But luckily, Warren Buffett pays his taxes and doesn’t have to involve himself with what Congress feels like he should do.

Warren Buffett chooses to not involve himself with anything more than his family and the stocks that he has invested in. Without his own plan, he feels like his family would not be where they are today. Warren Buffett has a extremely high amount of emails that he chooses to answer on videos instead of answering back one at a time. Congress felt that Warren and other billionaires should work to pay the debt of the American society off. In the structure analysis of Warren Buffett, that is impossible to take place.

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