Warren Buffett Compound Interest

There is a dark side of Compound Interest Mr. Buffett says. Warren Buffett is the world richest man who wealth is 20% since the early 1970s. The Cocoa Cola wanted him to pay thousands of times but Mr. Buffett put his money away and invested himself in a glass of water every day. He paid $31,500 for his house and named it “Buffett’s Folly”. He was excited to buy a house that seems like it was a million dollar home. Compound Interest is interesting earn more interest in a period of time. Warren Buffett Compound Interest is interesting, saving for retirement, and keeping records of your own money.

Warren Buffett says in the first year is 10% and the second year is 11%. The finance company is adding 1% each year to the money that is being borrowed. Mr. Buffett called it a compound interest religion and any spending for housing, and fresh air to breathe equals money that should not be wasted.

When a person saves more than 10% to 15% for retirement they a being tight with it and not frugal. You can make a retirement plan with an easy portfolio for the future. When saving you can start an IRA from a bank or maybe a job could help a person with a great investment for them to retire.

Many Americans need to save money for a rainy day and keeping records of their own money. Mr. Warren Buffett says that he bought stock bonds and then buys his wife a wedding ring. When keeping up with your finances, you will need documentation to show proof that you can save money.

When Mr. Buffett says to save your money and invested into something that could be worth the money someday. You can use compound interest to have interest on top of more, do a retirement plan to save money for your future, or keep records of your money. Mr. Warren Buffett has done a great share of his own investments and that is what America needs to do.

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