Warren Buffett Comic Book

Comic books are something essential to the culture of people that live in their country. Many different countries have their own comics to show what style reading is popular. Comics allow people to look at fantastic art while getting to see the emotions of different characters. Instead of envisioning a world that you read with text on, you get to see for yourself just how detailed the environment. Ever since the 1960s, people across the world have enjoyed stories like X-men, Superman, Spiderman, Astro Boy and so on. The world of entertainment would be so much more different if it weren’t for these creations.

Now with the rise of the internet and other ways of things being popular, we expect new movies. Movie studious get to see how much demand that there is to make theaters that they would be happy to provide for. The first movies that got every bodies attention were the DC movies, Batman along with Superman. Both of these movies got to show what these characters were like and why people loved them so much. Though, these movies would eventually release bad sequels and ruin their expectations. Though, next it would be marvels turn and they would showcase their talent.

Their first major hit was with Spiderman in the 2000s. Spiderman is one of the highest selling comic series of all time. It was recently beat by the third spot of a manga series known as One Piece when it comes to life time comic sales. There is a lot that companies can gain by making movies. It can showcase the appeal of that character to another audience. It could give them an easier time with understanding the story. It gets those cinematic moments out very quickly. It seems to be something that Warren Buffet is very fond of.

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