Warren Buffett Coke & Diet

Warren Buffett is one of the historical successful world investors who have a weird diet. The C.E.O. of Berkshire Hathaway consumes about five cans of coca cola products in a day. Warren Buffett coke diet contains alot of sugary soda.He eats a lot of junk food, and few vegetables which is amusing. Warren Buffett tends to consume too much salt that the former C.E.O. of Wells Fargo relates it to a snowstorm. Warren Buffet takes three meals in a day in which he doesn’t consume alcohol or vegetables.

Warren Buffett says that his diet is influenced by the eating habit of six-year-olds’ since they have the lowest death rates. He told ‘Fortune’ a business insider that his favorite Cokes were Diet Coke and Cherry Coke. Warren Buffett coke diet is comprised of Cherry Coke which he can consume throughout the week since his not a fan of plain Coke. He enjoys having Cherry adjacent soda products like Cheerwine. Warren Buffett says that he doesn’t buy his soda products at his local grocery store thus prefers a two-liter works out to 5.6 cans a day.

Mr. Warren’s coke diet adds up to 252 grams or 0.56 pounds sugar a day from Cherry Coke hence Mr. Buffett’s daily carbohydrate intake of 84% results from Cherry Coke. During his first breakfast days of consuming lots of sugars, he was quite worried, but soon he adapted to it. Warren Buffett eats breakfast at McDonalds’ every day depending on the stock market.

He eats bacon, eggs and cheese biscuits when the stocks are excellent but on a bad day, he prefers a cheaper breakfast of two sausages. When the stock is flat, he prefers a sausage McMuffin.

The successful legendary investor says that he wakes up at 7.30am every day and which is early thus he bases his taste for the McDonalds selection on it. Warren Buffet does not take coffee. He substitutes it with Cherry Coke. He also checks his weight by exercising every morning and evening to burn his sugar calories. What an exciting coke diet.

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