Warren Buffett & Coca-Cola Stocks

Warren Buffett billionaire investor has stocks in just about every Market anyone could think of including a fair share of DaVita Healthcare, as well as Coca-Cola, Warren Buffett has spread his money very vastly over the years from his chairman position at Berkshire Hathaway gaining him a net worth of 82.7 million dollars Warren Buffett was just a normal Omaha kid with an obsession with numbers.

As time went on Warren Buffett bought a 30% stake in USG a building material manufacturing site as well as Distribution Center this is his largest stake to date. Just counting the stocks that Warren Buffett personally owns then we can safely say that Berkshire Hathaway has more than a billion stocks in their hands at any given time being there this is a Holdings company the mass number of employees it has been not working at subsidiaries spends time coming up with new ideas and investing in new business endeavors for the company.

Only Warren Buffett knows the exact amount of money he’s pulling in from the mass amount of Investments that he has made but one would be able to guess by his net worth the headsman has to be paid by his patients with these things and his overall eye for value. His favorite stock has to be his stocking Coca-Cola he drinks One Coca- each meal or five a day only consuming 2700 calories in 1/3 of those calories being Coca-Cola this is just one of the Investments he has personally made because Coca-Cola was what initially got him his money in the first place buying the cans and then selling them at a 20% markup of what he brought them before in the store this is why he has chosen to invest so much money in the company has so much hope for them in the future.

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