Warren Buffett China Car Investments

Warren Buffett is a very great investor who is highly appreciated by the Chinese company who are specialized in an electric vehicle. Under his management at the Berkshire Hathaway property, Buffett has invested heavily in this company that is located in Hong Kong China.

Since he started investing in this firm he has made a significant profit because a total of more than 225 billion shares were bought by Warren Buffett Company in the year of 2008. The tycoon who is mainly known for his love on long-term investment had a lengthy discussion with the management of the vehicle company, and Buffett said that he was impressed with the shares.

Early before the company had most of its shares either being overbought or even oversold. It went down for more loses since the year 2002 this was before Berkshire Hathaway had decided to buy any of the shares that they had.

Over the last few months under the investment of this billionaire Buffett the car company in China has been able to make more than 55% profit rise compared to other years. This happened after Buffett gave them an idea not to accept those vehicles that generally use fossil fuels. After they did this, there was a percentage increment to those who bought their shares and boosted the number of customers who visited them to purchase vehicles.

It is now more than nine years since Buffett invested his resources in this company and he is enjoying the profit that he gets. When he was starting he set about $230 million as part of the investment plan that he would take it to this Chinese company. At that time it could only sell the electrical vehicle alone, but at this moment it controls more than 60% of the car that is being sold out in China in month and year.

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