Warren Buffett Cherry Coke Obsession

Warren Buffett is a very rich man by investing wisely. He has worked intelligently all his life and has a bank account to show it. What he eats and drinks will make health nuts cringe. No matter what, Warren Buffet is doing many things right.

Warren Buffett owns part of Coca Cola, partly for the wise investment, but mainly because he loves the drink. Buffett drinks about six Cokes a day. He has one for breakfast, one for lunch, one Coke for dinner, and then two at night. Buffett does not drink alcohol. This may be why he can get away with drinking so much Coke and not be overweight. He says he eats like a six-year-old. He loves to eat UTZ potato sticks. So not overeating sounds like a good formula for making it to 87.

Where Cherry Coke enters into Warren Buffett’s diet is one of the cokes he drinks at night will get swapped for a Cherry Coke. Although Warren Buffets first love is regular Coke, he loves to drink the Cherry Coke as well.

In China, Warren Buffett’s face is right on their Cherry Coke cans. Warren Buffett is the face of Cherry Coke in China. People in China love and respect Warren Buffett for his billionaire status and wise advice. Although Coke makes up only a percentage of his wise investments, Buffett practice what he preaches by enjoying the very products he invests in.

There is nothing saying that if you drink six cokes a day and sometimes drink Cherry Coke as one of those six you will be a millionaire. It is possible if you drink Coke, Cherry Coke, read a lot, listen, and invest wisely you might get close to having as much riches as Warren Buffett

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