Warren Buffett Charlie Rose

Warren Buffett is one of the most renowned names in the investment world, and he is generally seen on CNBC as an analyst. While that network is where Warren seems to have made his home, he has also done literally thousands of other interviews as well. One show that Warren Buffett actually enjoys appearing on is the Charlie Rose show, which he has appeared on time and time again with friend Bill Gates and many others. Warren has talked about a variety of different topics with Charlie Rose, but one of the closest to his heart is the giving pledge.

Warren Buffett is going to be giving away a good portion of his fortune once he passes away, and this is part of his giving pledge that he has aligned with Bill and Melinda Gates who are also personal friends of his. Warren Buffett also talked about what he has done post election, because as we know Warren Buffett was a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter. He told Charlie Rose that he has purchased $12 billion in common stock since the election, and a good majority of this was in airline stocks which Warren has a special interest in.

Warren Buffett already has a majority stake in Southwest airlines, so it is only natural for him to expand his reach into other areas. Warren Buffett also has a stake in Netjets, which is a charter jet service and the first of its kind. What many will take away from the interview is the fact that Warren Buffett is so dead set on donating his fortune to charity, and in the mean time he said that he continues to look for acquisitions for Berkshire Hathaway although he is not as intensely looking as he was previously because of the sheer size of his company now.

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