Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger

Warren Buffett has been known around the world far and wide for his investment knowledge and for his extremely frugal spending habits. Unfortunately Warren Buffetts company Berkshire Hathaway was not just built by him alone, he had a partner and that man has remained his business partner for over fifty years. Charles Munger met Warren Buffett at a business dinner in 1959 when Munger was 35 and Buffett was 29. The two men recall their bond over and over again, where Munger was said to be laughing at his own jokes and Warren ended up laughing along with him.

The two men were brought together by the wife of an Omaha doctor who invested money with Warren, and the two ended up becoming business partners. Charlie Munger didn’t start out as an investment banker, in fact he was actually a lawyer in California but his father became ill and he had to return home to Omaha to take over the legal practice. Both men grew up together, and even worked at the same grocery store which was owned by Warren Buffet’s grandmother but they never crossed paths until that faithful dinner. The two men are quite a team, turning a failing textile company into the powerhouse conglomerate that Berkshire Hathaway has become today.

The two men have made one of the best teams in the investment world, and even at their advanced ages neither man shows any sign of slowing down anytime soon. This is a true story of two men from a small town accomplishing the American dream together, and building one of the best examples of American business in history. Warren Buffett contends that him and Charlie Munger were made for each other, and the men have managed to remain friends and business partners for over fifty years without a single rift.

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