Warren Buffett Charity

Warren Buffett is the only richest guy known in the whole globe due to his passion and effort in doing up the charity work. From the year 2000, it is said that more than $46 billion has been given out by him to go and fund a different foundation that supports the charity goals. The wealth that he has more than 71% of it has been given out to serve this purpose. Most of this finance that is set aside mainly goes to one of the biggest foundation known us the Melinda Gates Foundation that manages the charity projects such as the healthcare, food and education.

The remembered and the highest ever charity contribution that has ever been done in the history was done by Warren Buffet in the year 2006. He contributed more than $37 billion that was given out to the Melinda Gates Foundation. He is also planning to do a direct support through his largest company called the Berkshire Hathaway to this foundations.

He is among those who champion for this foundation to be supported and his helping hand to this organizations cannot be doubted. He is also a very active member of them and spends most of his free time to visit some of the foundations that he does support. The reason that he does all this charity work is that he does believe that the Melinda Gates Foundation addresses the most common problems experienced in the world. For example, the healthcare problem is an international problem that experienced in every corner of the world.
The three children he has advised them to follow his path and continue with this charity functions. The Berkshire Hathaway is one of the companies that has seen this foundation that Buffett support runs smoothly this is because it supports the financially and helps them in the research work.

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