Warren Buffett Cartoon

Warren Buffett Cartoon refers to an animation compiled into a series that was a Squared Entertainment production. The cartoon is made up of 1 season consisting of 22 episodes. Warren Buffett Cartoon is called ‘Secret Millionaires Club’ and is of American origin. It aired for about three years from 2011 to 2014. It was written in English and each episode runs for about 30 minutes.

The cartoon series is comprised of 5 actors as part of the cast. The 5 include; Mr. Warren Buffett who is the chief business advisor of the other four (Elena Jones Radley and Lisa). The storyline is breathtaking as the kids in the cast are faced with different business challenges and they are taught how to tackle them. As kids watch this cartoon they learn how to use business as the way of raising money instead of borrowing.

Mr. Warren Buffett who is the chief mentor to the kids simplifies business solutions to the kids for easier understanding. Elena one of the characters is a smart kid who acts as a lead to both Radley and Jones. She has excellent broker skills which she can use in the stock market. Jones is a daring kid who loves sports his clothes tell of this. He makes abrupt decisions which are often wrong. He needs guidance from the rest of the actors.
Radley is an introvert and very much engrossed in technology. He is a critical thinker and always makes decisions after taking time to evaluate the possible consequences. Lisa is a kid of Beijing origin and her passion to be a part of the United Nations is amazing. These actors bring out a successful animated series.

The Warren Buffett Cartoon features many personalities such as Bill Gates and Jay-Z. Of the many cartoons that have been aired this one certainly stands out. It brings out ways to tackle business problems in a unique yet fun way. If you haven’t watched it it is definitely a must watch.

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