Warren Buffett Cannot Be Replaced

The next Warren Buffett could be one of his students. Warren has taken time to teach all of his students about how to understand the stocks that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. This takes place on his videos and public speaking events. Warren has met many students that have the potential to make a lot of money, but he hopes that his son can carry on his dreams.

Warren Buffett has a lot of work to do, and in the eyes of his wife, there is no one that can take his place. Warren Buffett feels that he can journey to find someone outside of his family to take on his business role, but he feels like it will one of his grandchildren’s spouses. That’s what he has always said.

The one who learns how to invest like Warren Buffett and get returns like Warren Buffett will be all over the news. There are people in the world like Bill Gates who has often come close to making more money than Warren Buffett, but you have to have a nice set up like Warren in order to surpass what he has done. If you are going to attempt to be like Warren Buffett, you need to already have your YouTube channel ready after you have made billions. In other words, you can learn from him, but to take his place, it will never happen. That’s exactly how his family feels.

Warren Buffett will ensure that if the technology stocks returns are reaching the peaks he predicted, he may find someone in the same tax bracket. Hopefully, it will be someone else he can meet who can handle millions of dollars and not throw it away. Until that time, Warren Buffett will still sell and buy stocks as he pleases.

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