Warren Buffett Candy Date Up For Auction

When Berkshire Hathaway holds its annual meeting, investors flock to Omaha, Nebraska each and every year because they want to hear firsthand what billionaire investor Warren Buffett has to say. One lucky bidder now has the opportunity to spend a day getting information directly from the source of the world’s fourth richest man.

The Oracle of Omaha is once again putting himself on the auction block. This Thursday, Communities in Schools of Los Angeles will be auctioning off Warren Buffett for charity. This charity focuses on helping kids stay in school. They are using charitybuzz.com to help raise funds for this organization. Warren Buffett will be among other highly regarded people such as Reese Witherspoon, Biz Stone of Twitter fame and Matthew McConaughey.

The winner of the auction will receive an “all-you-can-eat” tour of the See’s Candy Factory in the city of Los Angeles. While on tour, Buffett will demonstrate “the only acceptable way to eat a bonbon.” Since launching, there are currently 2 Bids for the auction. The current highest offer is $18,000. Warren Buffett is widely recognized as a philanthropist, and he intends to give away the majority – 99% – of his fortune at death or during his lifetime.

Charitybuzz first found its way in the headlines when it gave away a coffee date with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The bids rose very quickly, and after 86 bids, the auction finished and sold for $610,000. The opportunity to meet Warren Buffett comes to an end on August 13.

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