Warren Buffett Can Shoot A Jump Shot

Warren Buffett loves to brag about eating ice cream and spending time with his family. He shows the best hospitality to those who work in his restaurants, but never did he realize, he has an advantage. Most people would say that his advantage is average, but he would differ on that subject. How tall is Warren Buffett? He stands 5’9 with a body built for business.

Of course, when compared to the grandchildren, he is taller. They will soon be as tall as Buffett and working to keep all of his business theories working. Buffett seems to be enjoying his height these days and his wealth. As long as Buffett can reach the shelves for the newspaper in the mornings or for that book he meant to read the night before, he still has an advantage.

Warren Buffett grew to be his height by the time he turned 24. Although he doesn’t play the center on a basketball team, the business “point guard” continues to shoot those jumper shots of victory. He functions on knowing that his wealth creates the humility he has in his life. Warren has a sensitive side that reaches those in need. That to Buffett is the highest “height.”

He can climb Mount Everest if he wanted to, but the 5’9 businessman while take one step at a time until his mountain is the “new” valley. Buffett stands boldly in front of crowds of people, and if he looks up, it’s for that “alley hoop.” Buffett does need help and will ask for it when he needs it, but in his journal of success, the one who taught him the fundamentals is the one who knew all about team work.

Warren Buffett is measured at 5’9′, but looking at his funding, it reaches the galaxy. He has a great heart, and he will continue to stand tall in the face of his competition. Warren Buffet never feels defeated, but he knows that he can teach others to grow even taller.

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