Warren Buffett Buys Suncor

Warren Buffett has minimal Canadian Stocks in his portfolio, but he is investing slowly, but when Warren Buffett Buys Suncor, investor notice the titan investors financial choices and the market pays attention.
Warren Buffett Buys Suncor to the tune of 17.8 million shares or the equivalent of more $500 million. Warren Buffett uses a principle fo value investing when he purchases stocks; that is, stocks which show a higher value than that which they are currently being traded.

Warren Buffett understands that when a person purchases a great company, it is equivalent to investing in a great company. Warren Buffett studies a companies facts and figures and bottom line, but in the end, he looks at the full value of the company he wants to invest in, and that means a great company of people who work well together and are creating great value for the company.

Warren Buffett told reporters that Suncor, which is a Canadian oil producer was “heavily undervalued,” and Buffett looked upon Suncor as a good investment move. One reason why Warren Buffett Buys Suncor is his trust in the management at Suncor. The people at Suncor have a stock buyback plan set in place, and that is a reliable indicator for Warren Buffett. The CEO of Suncor likes to make sure his stockholders are getting a return on their investment.

Warren Buffett Buys Suncor as a stock which adds to his portfolio of other companies he holds in Berkshire Hathaway; Warren Buffett invests in undervalued companies or what Mr. Warren Buffett calls value investing. There are certain things you can know about a company by studying its balance sheets and reports, but there’s something as important in getting to know the people behind the company and their goals and interests. Getting to see the value of the people in a company makes good business sense.

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