Warren Buffett Buys Stock

Warren Buffett is a leader of the massive conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway. A conglomerate is the merging of two or more organizations that fall into one corporation as a group. Their Securities and Exchange Commission filings have recently been released. Here is a list of what Buffett bought at the end of 2017. Buffett bought Apple, as in, 31.2 million shares of Apple stock. His company might have spent at least $5 billion. Berkshire owns approximately 165.3 million shares of Apple worth under $28 billion. Berkshire now owns 3.2% of Apple.

Other companies Buffett has bought last year, include 2 million shares of US Bankcorp, along with 10.6 million shares of Bank of New York Mellon because Berkshire owns many stocks in this particular portfolio. Berkshire has also increased its Monsanto investment, as Berkshire owns another 10.6 million shares, owning 11.7 million shares. During the fourth quarter of 2017, Berkshire also managed to add Teva Pharmaceuticals at 18.9 million share stake, which may be considered a small investment for a company the size of Berkshire Hathaway. Teva Pharmaceuticals, however, is worth $358 million with investors being optimistic that Buffett and his employee stock pickers see the value in this company.

Shares rose 11% when the investment in Teva Pharmaceuticals was announced. Teva is down from 39%, which was in place a year ago. IBM however, has been misjudged by Buffett, and this means that Berkshire unloaded 94% of it’s IBM stake, now owning only 0.2% of IBM worth $314 million. Other activities included selling 6 million shares of Wells Fargo, which is only 1%, done to prevent stake from rising 10% due to share buybacks. Berkshire owns 93% of the bank while Buffett shares his own personal portfolio, mentioning that Buffett would own shares in his personal portfolio.

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