Warren Buffett Buying Newspapers

Newspapers are a very important source for how people forge opinions on certain topics. Some people are very different from others. Some people make content that is very liberal, some make content that is very conservative. What no one can deny is that both parties have problems when it comes to consistency in their logic. There is a middle ground that the new generation has to learn how to tread on. This is important because it will allow us to make decisions that aren’t based on emotions. Human beings aren’t always the most rational species. Sometimes, they make decisions that will make them feel good depending on what they want.

There are so many different factors that you have to think about. But what Warren Buffet is trying to do is give people a system where they can learn from others. There are things that get to make you happy no matter where you are. Social media is often a place of discourse and negativity. The topics of News Articles that are presented are in no doubt biased. But Warren Buffet could create a company that has a fine line between the both of them. It’s a great idea that he should really consider.

Propaganda has always been a tool when teaching people about the war. But now, propaganda exists now more than ever. Even someone who doesn’t have cable and doesn’t get out much can be brainwashed. These are people who need to think.

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