Warren Buffett Bracket Challenge 2016

For college basketball lovers all over the world, March Madness and the Sweet 16 are like the prom of the NCAA. With the season comes bracket challenges that are issued by companies or individuals and give people opportunities to win money for predicting certain brackets or game scores correctly. When it comes to billionaire investor Warren Buffett’s bracket challenge, employees of Berkshire Hathaway have a lot to look forward to as his prize is one million for life. In the original challenge issued in 2014, Buffett allowed anyone to participate, including the general public, and the prize amount was a whopping one billion dollars for predicting the Sweet 16 brackets correctly! After a few legal issues that occurred in the starter year, Buffett chose to issue a new style bracket challenge in 2016.

The challenge became Berkshire Hathaway employees only who were allowed to participate and the prize amount went down to one million dollars, but that amount would be paid every year for the employee’s life. There was also an offer of one hundred thousand dollars to the person whose bracket lasted the longest if there were no one to predict every bracket game correctly. To win the lifetime supply of a million dollars, all the employees need to do is choose a perfect bracket for the NCAA’s Sweet 16. Since this challenge’s 2016 beginning, no one has claimed the one million dollar prize money, although two separate employees of Berkshire Hathaway did get to split the one hundred thousand after they both predicted the first 15 games of the tournament perfectly right!

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