Warren Buffett Bracket Challenge

Many people know of Warren Buffett for his philanthropic efforts well as stockbroking skills, Warren Buffett has a net worth of 82.7 million dollars and he is a risk taker this being said he was offering a million dollars every year for life for any one who can guess the outcome of the March Madness Tournament this tournament is essentially impossible to get completely right and for this reason Warren Buffett offers anyone who can get into the sweet 16 of the tournament the million dollar per year deal the tournament goes all the way down until the final four and no one has ever made it that far Quicken Loans once offered 1 billion dollars for the same feet this is how hard it will be to even get close to the guessing of this tournament it will take more than a genius statistics skill it will also take a luck Warren Buffett has said in the past that he has made many mistakes and will continue to make them and this is what makes him such a great stock marketer not being afraid of risk. Any of the employees at his hand full of subsidiaries are eligible to into this tournament in in the case of winning you don’t even have to into this tournament is he will pick at random and employee that works at one of his subsidiaries or are at his headquarters to in the $100,000 regardless of participation in the contest this is just one of Warren Buffett’s ways of giving back he gives back to the community as well as the people and this is why his efforts in the world don’t go in all this because he is here to support the people in any way he can and improve the living situations of millions.

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