Warren Buffett Bonds

Warren Buffett is one of the best investors in the country and is currently one of the richest men in the world. When it comes to investing in certain securities there is probably not a better person to ask about investing than Warren, and especially when it comes to knowing what products to invest in. There are many different investment products to choose from in today’s market, and there is no doubt that Warren has had a hand in most of them. He often said that his home has been the best investment that he ever made, and he has continued to live in it since 1959.

Bonds are another type of investment vehicle, and they have recently been picking up steam again as the economy is starting to recover. Where does the Oracle of Omaha stand on bonds? Well, he is actually against them all together. Warren was recently interviewed by CNBC where he said that he would almost certainly choose a 30-year equity over a government-backed 30-year bond because it will outperform it every time. Buffett was also quoted as saying that bonds are a bad choice for investors who are looking for a long-term investment vehicle, and it is a mistake when money managers advise clients to get bonds as long-term investments.

Buffett did acknowledge that stocks are also very risky, and subject to market fluctuations and changes daily. However he still recommends that long-term investors choose stocks over bonds any day of the week, and Warren Buffett has been known to hold onto his securities for a very long time. Warren Buffett believes in choosing a company that is going to give you repeat profits every year and remains steady in terms of growth and market cap for many years to come.

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