Warren Buffett Bloomberg

Bloomberg is one of the multi-billion company that is concerned with the study of the financial investment and the wealth of an individual. The company recently decided to study the richness of the chairman of the Berkshire Hathaway Company Warren Buffett.

The most important thing that they decided to major on is the financial index of the third most productive personnel and how he has acquired his wealth systematically. He is said to be the owner of the Geico Company and has the majority of the shares in the Coca-Cola company.

The most impressing about Warren Buffett is that the average of 52 years that he has been in the investment and business field he has managed to submit more than 20.8% returns annually according to the Bloomberg index firm. The performances he gives out mainly comes from the Berkshire Hathaway Firm because he has more of class A and also the class B shares that he was under control from the year 1965 to 2014.
The report was made public by the annual statement released by the Berkshire. The most exciting thing about Buffett is that the company who is the president of the firm. A decision to issue a report that was very impressing to the public in the year 2011 when it indicated that he owns the company majority of shares and it is more than 98% of the shares.

The most important thing that he has decided to do with his 5 percent shares at Berkshire he has contributed them to perform charity work under the Bill and Melinda Foundation. Buffett who is a master for investment and whose annual return is mainly provided by him started his long-term investment in the year 1963 when he made his first move of buying shares at the company where he has invested more than 98 percent of his total wealth.

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