Warren Buffett Biography Video

In many of Warren Buffet’s video biographies, he talks about how his college years made a great impact on how he is today. That many pivotal things happen to him around this time that helped shaped who he was as an adult. How it introduced him practices that he still uses today in his professional career.

Warren Buffett constraints and loathing of high school left him with a bad taste and his mouth for college. He didn’t want to go to college but he finished in 3 years because he wanted to get out fast. After finishing at Nebraska University he applied for Harvard but didn’t get in so he decided to go to Columbia University; where he finished in one year of graduate school. There at Columbia, he was mentored and studied under Benjamin Graham who made a huge impact on his life as an investor in stocks. The professor shaped his professional career where he gave him certain rules to live by when dealing with stocks. Rule #1 was, never lose money, and Rule #2 was, never forget rule number 1. Another principle that Graham instilled in Warren Buffett was to always look for undervalued stocks.

At Northwestern University Warren also met his future wife Susie. The upon there meeting Warren found a balance that Susie gave him and she helped change him for the better. At the age of 21 and Susie being 19, they married and shortly after had three children. Their names are Susie, Howard, and Peter.

Warren Buffet’s biography videos historically discusses how his school years had an extraordinary effect on him. That numerous significant things transpired around this time, which helped mold his identity as a grown-up. How it presented him with circumstances and ideas that he utilizes today in his expert status.

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