Warren Buffett Bio

Warren Buffett is the richest person in the world in terms of finance and investment. The tycoon was born in early 1930 in a small area of Nebraska. Many people thought that he was born with business genes because at the early age of about 11 years he had started doing business. Due to his passion and will in doing business, he joined a partnership with the Berkshire Hathaway this was in the year 1956 and after 11 years later he had taken the control of the company as the president of this institution.

The company was very involving because it controlled some of the insurance, media, food and mainly the energy firms that were under it.
Due to his skills in doing business, he didn’t since the need to school, but his father pushed him to enroll in a degree program at a nearby college. At the age of 16, he chose to study out in the career of business to improve the knowledge of the industry he had.

After a period he loved what he was learning and decided to go on with his career in business and decided to do masters in another college on the Science of Economics. Later he went to New York school of finance to specialize in doing the banking and after this went to the business world.
He is a family man because in 1952 he married Susan Thompson whole later died due to an extended illness. Warren Buffet then at the age of 76 married a long-term companion. He has three children which there belong to him and his first wife, Susan.

Currently, his net worth is estimated to be about $84 billion and a second richest person in the whole globe. He is much involved in the charitable contribution and has given out more than $28 billion to charity work.

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