Warren Buffett Billion March Madness

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are even some people that will save that it can eventually take over soccer. It was originally invented by James Naismith. He was a person who just wanted a way of conditioning people in the winter. Originally, he just wanted to wanted to make a fun sport. But then organizations like the NBA would make the sport a global phenomenon. You had teams like the 1992 USA team that made it popular everywhere. That team was such a big deal that it is the reason the many European players are good now.

There is something so special about college basketball. The person hitting a game-winning shot could be one of your classmates. This is a place where people are able to share their experiences and be a part of what they like. They can study with professors who have worked in their industry. This may the place where they find out who they will spend the rest of their life with. You make some of the best memories of your life just decided to go to these games with your friends. That’s why it can be exciting to make a team.

Warren Buffet knows this. This is why he has decided that he wants to make this bracket challenge. You don’t have a lot to lose. You can make as many brackets as you want because there are many possibilities. You get to see so much that is impressive in half a month of basketball. You will be more invested in the games that you are watching because they have an impact on you. You are going to care more about the sport because of how things work. Get some knowledge now so that you are prepared for the next time.

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