Warren Buffett Billion Dollar March Madness

Warren Buffet is just full of surprises, 4 years ago he started the March Madness contest which consists in having the perfect bracket of NCAA basketball tournament.

Warren Buffet also known as the Oracle of Omaha decided to make March a Madness offering in 2014 one million dollars to the person that completed a bracket successfully. Warren Buffet is a big fan of basketball and what makes it more interesting that putting money into the game? Unfortunately nobody has ever won the prize. In 2015 he suspended the March Madness bracket game because he wanted to make it easier to win.

Warren Buffet March Madness returned in 2016 but only for his 300,000 employees which only two of them make it to the final but didn’t win splitting $100,000. In 2017 he offered $1 million dollars for life for the person who had the perfect bracket, Warren Buffet almost gave away this prize to a West Virginia steel worker who picked 31 winning teams out of 32 taking home $100,000 with the bracket that lasted longer, not bad at all!!

This year he added a twist, Warren Buffet will give away $1 million dollars for life plus he would doble the win if one Nebraska’s teams won the tournament. All of his employees are welcome to fill out a bracket for a chance to win this amazing prize which until now remains a dream.

Warren Buffet knows that predicting a perfect bracket is almost impossible, so every year he gives his employees a chance to win this amazing price, hopefully he will continue offering this chance to win $1 billion dollars and maybe one day this will be a dream come true to one of his employees.

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