Warren Buffett Bill Gates Foundation

Warren Buffett became friends with Bill Gates after they had a small gathering at a party. The bond never ceased and they have remained close ever since. Finding a fondest in each other with similar interest.

Even though, Warren Buffett and his wife Susie had lived apart since 1977, when his wife had fallen ill from cancer he was the closest person to her. He would make sure that he was with her every weekend in recovery. In July 2004, the two of them went to Wyoming where she ended up having a stroke and would later die from the complications of the stroke. Warren fell into a deep depression over his wife’s death because she has helped him become a whole person, and kept him centered on things that he should focus on in life besides just investments.

In order to let her Legacy live on he pledged to give away the majority of his money to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. His children were also some of the foundation recipients, with each of his children getting money to give back to their foundations to help communities in the world with their charitable efforts. With 1% that he’ll keep and the other 99% going to the foundations that he vowed to honor his late wife with. Stating that in life his ambition is to be a teacher.

Bill Gates very much respects Warren Buffett because of his focus on the business universe and that his focus on numbers and cost is unrelenting. He also grew a major respect for him after he donated, in the honor of his late wife, because of their giving spirit.

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